Certificate in Astrological Sciences (CASc) (Online/Regular)

Online Astrology Courses

The Institute of Indian Astrology and Vedic Sciences (IIVSc) offers a six months astrology course ‘Certificate in Astrological Sciences’, that is also called CASc.

Course Duration: 6 Months
Learning Mode: Classroom

Procedure for Admission

For admission the learner should fill up the prescribed admission form completely and submit to the office of the institution.

Curriculum or Syllabus

Paper No. Code Subject Name Syllabus
Paper 1: AS 101 Kundali Vigyan
Paper 2 AS 102 Introductory Predective Astrology
Paper 3 AS 103 Introductory Ashtakvarga
Paper 4 AS 104 Introductory Gochar Vigyan
Paper 5 AS 105 Introductory Muhurtashastra
Paper 6 AS 106 Introductory Remedial Astrology


Fee can be paid in either one time or on installment.
Mode of Payment Fee Structure Apply and Pay Now
One Time Payment Rs.9,440/-
Installment Payment Rs.4,030 (1st Installment)
Rs.3,000 (2nd Installment)
Rs.3,000 (3rd Installment)

Note: Fee is inclusive of all taxes.

Salient Features :

  1. Along with complete Study Material.
  2. Study material shall be in Printed Books prepared by the institute
  3. 24 hours help line regarding the study material.
  4. Classical & Modern Astrology both are included.
  5. Best Astrology Course through Regulaer Class education.

Study Material :

Enrolled learners will be received study material from the institute in printed book form. The study material is prepared by the faculty members of the institute. As per syllabus, all concepts and theories elaborated and described along with numerous examples, horoscopes and diagrams in the study material. In case learners face any confusion or difficulties to learn and understand the study material the facility of 24 hours help line is provided.

Examination and Certification :

The institute conducts examination of enrolled learners through correspondence in this pattern the examination paper will be sent to learners by the post and they solve the question paper at their home within prescribed time of duration which is about 20 days. The solve question paper is sent to the institute by learners. Who obtain qualifying marks, get the certificate from the institute.

Affiliation : Neither the institute nor the CASc. course is affiliated any university or U.G.C.