Astrological Research


The IIVSc has an independent department on research. It is called ‘Department of Research and Publications’ (DRP). Many Research Projects are going on in various fields of Vedic Sciences.

Some Research Projects on Astrological Science are as follows:

  • Impacts of Rudrakshas to remove evil results of Planets (Completed in August, 2013)
  • Varahamihir Kaleen Bharat
  • History of Astrological Literature of India
  • History of Vastu Literature of India
  • Dictionary of Astrology
  • Jyotish Ratna Mala by Sripati
  • Ududay Pradeep (Completed in October, 2017)
  • Jamini’s Upadesha Sutra (Jaimini Sutra)
  • Bhaktamal of Nabhadas
  • Uttarkalamrita of Kalidas
  • Gurugeeta (Completed in 2023)

In addition, The Department of Astrology conducts some minor researches under the curriculum of ADASc. Students of ADASc prepare their dissertation on specific research subject under the guidance of their Research Supervisor. The Department of Astrology prepared some astro-psychological research tools which are used by Ph.D. Students of University of Rajasthan.

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